Thursday, October 17, 2013



By Jock MacKenzie – Twice voted one of 50 best radio sports broadcasters in the United States.

No one could blame the hysteria that fell among the band of leaders who purchased full ownership of three golf courses in Palm coast in the early part of this year.
Flags were flying and enthusiasm was at its highest.  These men and women were walking on air as they abounded with enthusiasm over full ownership of golf courses that had been at top level for decades.
Then the rains came.  it rained in the morning, rained at night. The rains fell nearly every time they and those who worked there tried to put together unmatchable golf games.
Yes, i am fully aware that things happen when those running the show are trying their best. However, whacking them in the morning, whacking them at night, whacking them day after day is a little too far over the hill.
How the owners and leaders prevailed is difficult to imagine. how they carried on with this mess of rain pouring down day after day is difficult to fathom.
For the owners and those who worked at the pine and cypress courses it was always, “Are you ready for some golf?
They refused to give up, not this team.  Leaders like Henry Angle, Brian Malanson and Dora Garcia who is busier than a coat hanger at this time while signing members for this coming year.
I was among those who came to Palm Coast in 1995 and never did I view the onslaught that befell this new ownership.  The constant rains - rain in the morning, rain at night - was enough to put the clubs in a bag and simply give up.  But truthfully, not these people, not this group of owners.  They put the hammer down and hung in there like no one I have seen in action before except for we Americans who fought in war day after day.
Now their day may finally have arrived.  It simply cannot rain day after day any longer than it already has. 
So, with all the golf I’ve seen and played in my life I know it is now their time to play this marvelous game without either being sent back home or whacking away in slush.
Frankly, and from the heart, the owners of The Grand Club of Palm Coast will have golfers who are out there with smiles and joy like it always was and should be now.
Please remember, time is like a river.  No one can touch the water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.
Enjoy every moment of life like never before.  Reach into your bag for the golf club of choice and do it with the smile that only a golfer knows.
Your time is now because the Henry Angle’s, the brian melansons, the Dora Garcias and more are ready to show you the time of your life at two beautiful golf courses named Pine Lakes and Cypress Knoll but in reality the Grand Club of Palm Coast!
Garcia, by the way, is presently busier than a ten armed paper hanger.  With a new and attractive membership rate, the Club is zooming with entries.
More simply said, the Grand Club has hung in there long enough to win the old ball game and time is now on their side!

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