Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Man Who Whacks Up The Pine Courses of Pine Lakes.


By Jock MacKenzie – twice voted one of 50 best radio sports broadcasters in the United States.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still gently allows you to grow.If any words could describe a superb golfer, it would have to be that of John Sbordone, who whacks up the Pine Courses of the Pine Lakes string in Palm Coast.

In the year’s I’ve known Sbordone, it was that of a teacher, a highly knowledgeable person who spent his time with many on the stage and does to this day. Even though his golf is always Cypress, I found him one day all by himself at the Pine Course, just sitting their and enjoying life as it should be. My eyes popped and I had the enjoyment all by myself.I wondered, how does this wonderful, dedicated and talented man be alone at a golf layout he rarely plays but their he was, enjoying the site, marveling the golf layout so many of us enjoy.

Sbordone, who is truly a first class finisher on or off the golf course, adds to his golf skills week after week. Then he goes about teaching students the skills they should use, how students on the stage should perform, never a spoken word about golf. This fascinating man can bring young people off the street, the young who want to perform as he does the regular Palm Coast people and make them happier than all get out.
Sbordone’s life is the stage. His sideline is golf. To the rest of us he is a hero. If you are a Palm Coaster and never known how to perform call John Sbordone. You will just have spoken with one of the finest gentlemen in the United States.

Yes, I have known John Sbordone over tons of years and can tell you truthfully he is the best, the talented golfer who is equally good on the stage or off it. John Sbordone, who offers stage lessons ten times per week, a special talent who will cater to all Palm Coasters who want to perform on his stage or your stage. Trust me. When meeting John Sbordone, you have just met the perfect gem in the United States!