Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Jacket Of A Soldier

One of the most cherished items that a soldier will have forever is the jacket he wore while fighting in combat in the Pacific theater of war.

This jacket was meaningless at the time, but one of pride now. It wasn't meant to be on display. It was a major part of a battle against the Japanese as I went from New Guinea with the first of our troops who invaded the shores of the Philippines. They were well ahead of heralded principals who speak to this day of special leaders. But in truth, our soldiers had already fought our way foot by foot on Philippine land. I thought you'd enjoy reading this. 

In addition, when you see someone in the armed services who serves to protect our country, please don't be shy, speak up and thank them. You'll feel good for doing so and you'll make the day of a stranger that much brighter too.